Time Warp Poetry

This is a small collection of poems written at various different times in my life. I think most if not all of them suck, but I'll leave that for you dear readers to decide.

"Ode to Claude"
Dedicated to Claude Croston, Melrose High School Principal

I was one of those A students
Who always got on your nerves.
I was always playing straight
While you were throwing curves.
You always called me into your office
For no particular reason.
No matter what the time
No matter what the season.
But I kind of liked you
Despite your many flaws.
How much vodka was there really
Inside those file drawers?
I was with you when you finally went crazy
And heard the strange things you began to mutter
That time you cut off poor E.T.'s head
With Mrs. Werneth's paper cutter.
Terribly misunderstood
Were you and your big red nose.
You used to sing Madonna songs
And you'd even strike a pose.
You never believed my boyfriend was my long distant cousin
When I tried to get him a visitor pass.
I remember you liked to play Rummy with me
And you'd always kick my ass.
I really missed you
I was sorry to see you go.
I always wanted to learn the truth
But now I guess I'll never know.

For Eric

What do you think
When you see this disheaveled girl?
You wonder how I do these things
Or where I learned them.
You never respond when I whisper
"I love you"
Yet you love to hear me say it
When I'm wrapped around you
And clinging to life.

What do you feel
When you hear me cry
And you know it's because
Of all you've done?
Do you feel remorse
Knowing you have paralyzed me
From ever feeling that I could be loved?

Do you know
What it's like to love someone
Knowing you will never be loved back?
Knowing that you are just a pawn
In a cruel game you are not playing?
And you try to forgive and forget
But all you can remember
Is never being enough.

"What goes around comes around"
I guess it's true what they said.
Meanwhile I will do my best
To try and bury the dead.

"Little Man"
Dedicated to Patrick Kavanagh

Are you an angel? A devil?
Or "that guy in that band"?
I know who you are
Just a little man.
A miniature version
Of a blessing in disguise
Who puts a smile on my face
And lets me know I'm alive.
You're my brother, my best friend
An ex-lover and a god-send.
When I'm frustrated with life's
Little charades
You know exactly what I need.
You smile when I'm a bitch
You scratch when I itch
And when I need an honest opinion
You take heed.
Thank you for coming into my life
And painting rainbows in my cloudy skies.
You will always be the sweetest
Little man
In my eyes.


Who exactly am I to you?
What exactly do you feel
When your eyes are open
And you're aware of my existence?
What goes through your mind
When I'm pouring out my heart
Doing backflips just to get a response?
What secrets would be revealed
If I was to tear down the walls
That separate you from me?
I know I could accept them
Whatever they are
And maybe I could help you to be free.
But I would be surprised
To see that your eyes
Are looking at me as a friend.
How much time
Dear God
Will pass by
Before this oblivion ends?


The sweet taste of
Strawberry nectar
Is all over our skin.
It's over again
But it will begin
When we hunger to sin
While everyone else
Puts up with the din
of reality.
Let's go back to your cave
Because I want to play.
You know...
I don't feel like
Going outside today.

"Cherries in the Snow"

I was sitting in a tavern
Drinking with friends
On a cold New Year's night.
As if God knew I loved them
I saw a large bowl of cherries
So I thought I would have a bite.
I thought about time
And where it does go
And how wonderful it would be again
To be as pure as the snow.
And just then at the thought
A waitress came by
And with her wit and wisdom intact
Said "Just remember, No matter how many you eat
It never, ever
Grows back."

"The Journey"

I have a destiny
Whether by track, path or by sea.
Where my journey takes me
Will reveal the person
I shall be.

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