Last Night/The Dark Room

Last Night

Last night I blew you
kisses from head to toe
And almost drowned us both...
Emotion overflowing
Bubbling out of me
Rushing like water
to the open ocean of you.
The barrier collapsed
Floodgates opened
You were no longer cold
But warm in the sun of my embrace.

Last night I sucked
The poison from your wounds
And breathed life into you
Taking your life into me
Rocking back and forth
Sharing energy
Savoring desire
Your vine entwined around my heart.

Last night we banged
up against the limits
Very well ignoring them.
I did not know where I ended
And you began
As we thrusted away the pain
Celebrating our awakening.

Last night we climaxed
Reaching each other
at a higher level
Speaking words that had been
Fears were faced
Strength was found
Ghosts were banished.

If only this could be real
If only I could reach you
I scream and you will not hear me.
Can you hear my thoughts?

A gentle breeze sneaks past your neck.
Tiny hairs stand erect.

Last night I blew you

The Dark Room

(This story must be "illuminated" to be read)

Warning: For mature readers only.

********WARNING!!!! GRAPHIC CONTENT BELOW!!!!**********

He shut the door behind us, backed me up against the door and kissed me.

"Please tell me you know who I am", I said. That would be all I'd need... for him to think he was kissing her instead of me.

He didn't respond.

"I need to know if you know who I am." I seriously did... I wanted him to mean what he was doing.

He stopped kissing my neck long enough to whisper one word into my ear...


A simple and silly word... and it made me cry hysterically.

"Don't cry", he said softly. "Its ok". He held me tightly in his arms. Over and over again he said the same words, trying to soothe me.

I was filled with so much love and so much anger at the same time. Part of me wanted to kill him, part of me wanted to hold him tight and not let go.

I smacked him across the face hard. He took it.... not even an ouch from him. He just held me tighter and kissed me tenderly.

I was angry... I didn't want tenderness.

He had been the only one at the party, aside from me, without a costume on. He was wearing his favorite black shirt that his ex-girlfriend had given him a very long time ago.... he loved that fucking shirt.

I ripped it off him, and buttons flew everywhere. The shirt was kind of sentimental to him, so I feel bad now. But he didn't seem to care.

He lead me to the sofa against the wall near the pool table. We both knew what we were going to do. I shoved him onto the sofa. He reached under my skirt and pulled down my underwear. He stood up and attempted to get romantic, trying to go for some foreplay, but I didn't need it or want it. I smacked him hard across his face again, pushed his hands away, removed his belt and unzipped his black jeans. I pulled them down halfway, and whipped his ass hard with his own belt. Three was a challenge to not get carried away. Not even an ouch from him. I shoved him back against the sofa again, and got on top of him.

I didn't take him into me right away, I tortured him relentlessly for several minutes, getting closer and closer, and then further away from fucking the shit out of him. When I did take him in, it was only partially at first, which drove us both nuts. I handled him roughly...pinching, squeezing, scratching, biting and grabbing him... pain mixed with pleasure. He whimpered and his whole body was shaking. I unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra in the front, but didn't let him touch. With all his heavy breathing and moaning, I thought he was going to blow his wad before he had a chance to do it properly. But like a good boy he didn't...he never did. When I finally allowed him in fully, he thrusted so hard we were almost airborn. He was so hot for me, he was nearly growling. It only took about thirty seconds for both of us to come at the exact same time, with his head against my chest. And the orgasm was of the earth-shattering variety... the kind that mellowed me out for the rest of the evening and made me feel like jello. Anyone could say whatever the fuck they wanted to me for the rest of the evening... I would be sleeping like a baby after a bottle.

When it was over, he held me tight and kissed me passionately on the lips, then my neck and shoulders. I still didn't want him enjoying it too much, or turning this into something candy sweet and without saying a word, I broke away from him roughly and quickly, stood up, smoothed out my skirt, hooked my bra and started to button my shirt. I could hear him still breathing heavy. I turned to walk toward the door... I was honestly going to leave him like that and without saying anything to him.

He stood up and put his arms around me gently from behind. "I love you", he whispered, and then kissed and nibbled my ear... knowing full well that it was a weakness of mine. It was his weakness as well. I could...and have...come from just that alone. I thought I would fall through his hands, I felt like liquid. He pulled away from me, and removed the remnants of what WAS his favorite shirt.

He folded the shirt, as well as his pants, and placed them carefully on the pool table, with the shirt on top of the pants. He was making me a sweet.

He moved me close to the table and then bent me down, with my head resting on the pillow. All the torture I had given him, he gave right back to me. Loving caresses, kisses, exhilarating licks and sucking wherever he wanted... alternating with pinches, scratches, bites, whips and smacks on the ass. He wasn't as mean as I was about it...and I could have handled more than he dished out. I didn't need to tell him what to do... he knew me better than I knew myself.

When he finally took me from behind, it was even more incredible than the first time. It took a few minutes instead of seconds, but I came once alone almost immediately after he entered me... and then again with perfect synchronicity.

And it was during that last heavenly and explosive orgasm that his girlfriend had decided it would be a good time to go find her missing boyfriend.

And she found him, inside me.

"Drink it in sweet little bunny" I thought to myself. "Don't forget ONE...SINGLE...DETAIL."

I made sure to give her full view. I was no longer bent over, but arching my back against his chest. I wanted her to hear and see everything.... the sweat on our bodies, my blouse wide open, breasts exposed, my skirt bunched up around my waist, his hand expertly stroking me, the wild look in our eyes, the grunting and moaning, her boyfriend naked as the day he was born.... mmmm... and eagerly ramming himself into me over and over again like he couldn't do it fast enough. I couldn't help but smile for the first time in what seemed like months. I hope she saw that smile and contentment on my face.

She had been holding a glass of wine, and it smashed to the floor. She covered her face with her bunny paws, and then walked away crying her sweet little bunny eyes out. "It just goes to show ya honey... never put all your eggs in one basket."

Someone had to have the balls to tear him from her plain, boring and furry grip.

Being caught didn't disrupt us at all. If anything, it made both of us come even faster...and made me smile wider. My whole body was shaking with the delicious pleasure he was giving me. He continued what he was doing until he had given me every last drop. He knew I would give him hell if he didn't. I could tell it had been a long time since he came this good and hard. We were both such talented sadomasochistic fuckers. And we were both Switchers. Nothing could be lovelier or more satisfying.

And it was over, He put his pants back on and grabbed another shirt from the adjacent room.

He had also grabbed a comb, and fixed my hair while I fixed my clothing. Again. He had always loved to brush my hair and especially to smell it. He has a hair fetish. He even loves to wash, cut and dye womens hair...and to braid it too. Any type of care at all, he enjoyed carefully and sweetly. It was comforting and relaxing to him...not to mention it could make him extremely horny. When I had told him I was handicapped while we were dating, and that it was why I couldn't do anything fancy with my hair, he got all excited... "I can help you with that!" he had exclaimed. He said he would have become a hairdresser if he knew he wouldn't be in a back room somewhere jerking himself off in between appointments.

I couldn't help but marvel at how compatible we were... even my handicap seemed meant to fulfill his sexual desire to take care of a womans hair. Our perfect match of wit...the ease in which we could both switch gender roles with each other and without embarrassment or shame...our desire for intermingling pain with pleasure...our bodies... our hearts... and our souls just seemed to fit together perfectly when we were together. We were the missing pieces in each others' puzzling lives. Although I wasn't proud of the extra pounds I had put on since the pregnancy... I found myself grateful to my body for blessing me with the gift to respond so ecstatically to the man I love. And grateful to him for seeing a luscious, beautiful woman (like a "sweet juicy pear" he once said)... and not some overweight freak.

When we were done collecting ourselves, he held me in his arms and just smiled for a few minutes, shook his head and laughed. The smile suddenly disappeared as he seemed to finally remember what had happened to the girlfriend.

"I should see if she's ok, if she's even still here", he said concerned.

"Ok", I said, and kissed him on the cheek.

He took my hand, and helped me over the wine glass shards and spilled wine. When we got up the stairs to the front hall, we parted ways. His girlfriend was outside crying on the stairs. He went out to her.

I walked outside, and I saw him and his girlfriend talking near her car. She looked like one pissed off bunny. I tried to help it, but I couldn't get rid of the grin on my face as I looked at her. Good sex can do that to you. I walked passed her, calmly got in my car and drove away.

I guess I got the carrot. I was so glad I came.

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