The Only One Who Matters

Written in June, 2005

The party is over.
You lost the game.
All your heart brought you
Was sadness and shame.
You've been captured.
All your loses and wins
Never really mattered.
Pencils down.
The test has ended.
The ties you broke
Will never be mended.
The ship has sailed.
Your train derailed.
Don't bother trying harder
You already failed.

But there is someone who loves you.
Be thankful for that.
You would only strike out
If you swung again at bat.
He'll love you forever.
He made a promise to you.
He would never break that promise
No matter what you do.
A love so pure and simple
Deserves your best shot.
He'll take care of you
Because he is everything you're not.
When you go to sleep at night
He'll always be by your side.
Let this be your lesson.
Let his love be your guide.

When you close your eyes for one last time
And the mistakes you've made
Stop replaying in your mind....

Remember you were loved
At least once in your life.
And the only one who should matter
Is the one who made you his wife.

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