the end

A Wish

I wish I could move you in some way
Or find the strength to face you
And say what I need to say.
For now I'd give anything to wake up in the morning
Without a single thought of you
To get my heart soaring.
Love is usually a happy thing
Or so I have heard
You can hear every color
And the sweet song of every bird.
All I have heard is silence
And the breaking of my own heart
A prayer has been sent to heaven
And I hope for a fresh start.
I wish for your happiness
And for an angel to be sent to you
The kind of love you deserve
And the start of something new.
I wish for your forgiveness
And to see your words again
I wish the best for you forever
And always

The Ride

Rev your engine
Take to the sky
On the back of your bike
I get a natural high
Feeling the throttle
And the wind at our backs
The smell of the sea breeze
Our speed to the max
Not a single thought
for the mundane
So fucking crazy
Yet totally sane
All I can think of is you
And how happy I am
Sweet escape
Its all part of our plan
Our dreams run wild
Through our veins
Changing our minds
As we're changing lanes
Not a care in the world
The sky is the limit
Life is more exciting
With our love in it

And then I awaken
feeling my tears as they stream...
It wasn't reality
Just an incredible dream.


He's playing with light and taking pictures of the sky
She's reading his old emails and starting to cry
He's building his models and fixing up his car
She's holding her breath, and wishing on a star
He's looking through her as if she's not there
She's screaming inside and wishing he cared
His heart never needed to be on the mend
Her hurt never did come to an end.

I wish I could say the memories don't haunt
but I never had anything that he would want
I had love to give, but it didn't suffice
And it didn't matter that I was willing to sacrifice
And now nothing is the same
Now I have to live with the end of my game.

The things that we do for love
are often not sane
I can only hope a love like that will come again.
But I will always remember the man on the bike
Who told me he loved me, and then took a hike.
I wish he knew what he meant to me
And how he brought out the person I wanted to be.

Your Dream Girl, your Mystery
This is from the heart and is true...
I want nothing more than to be that for you.

Copyright © Carrie Batcheller, 2024, All rights reserved.