Long Ago

Long ago
But not far away
I met you
On a crisp autumn day
A blacksmith with a beautiful smile
I would find every excuse
To visit for a while.

I was shy
And not sure on my feet
My clothes were always dirty
My hair never neat
Still I seemed to intrigue you
You laughed at my jokes
You asked me to walk with you
And there was no need to coax.

We walked for hours
Through fields and farms
I tripped on my skirt
And fell into your arms
You kissed me
underneath the setting sun
Lifetimes of love had only begun.

We made love under cerulean skies
All that I needed I found in your eyes
Your strong arms held me warm and tight
We always had difficulty saying goodnight.

With each other we wanted a life
You built us a house and made me your wife
We had children, and horses in the stable
You struggled to put food on the table
I felt we were always put to the test
We worked so hard to survive and never could rest

Despite it all, I knew there was love
Our life was filled with blessings from above
You had a reassuring way of taking my hand
And I knew there was nothing we couldn't withstand.

Until a cold winter day...I'm not sure what transpired
I know that our time together expired
A terrible blackness through which I can't see...
Far too soon you were taken from me.
For the rest of my life, I dreamed I'd see you again
I knew my love for you never would end.

It never did....here we are once more
I wish I knew what the vision was for
I received it just as you were about to kiss me
I live with the curse of what I could see

Unkissed and unloved, in this life is my fate
I dreamed of having a family, but now its too late
A joyless existence and a marriage unstable
I struggle now to put food on the table

The only time I've felt alive was with you
For you there is nothing that I wouldn't do
But I can't keep you from slipping away
You avoid me and disregard everything that I say.

Long ago I was taken too soon
If I had my chance now, I would give you the moon
The distance between us has been hard to withstand
I have to stop myself from taking your hand
I'm always hoping to see you again
My love for you seems to have no end.

I remember holding you under cerulean skies
And if you want to know love, just look in my eyes
I'm sorry to bother you, but please squeeze me tight
I wish you would never leave without saying goodnight.

- For RJ

This poem was written to accompany the story, "A Lughnasadh Blessing: August 7, 2010

Copyright © Carrie Batcheller, 2024, All rights reserved.