Remembering Alyson Hell

The distinguished professor
Meets Headbanger's Ball
You were unlike anyone
I had ever known at all.
Brave and determined
outgoing and smart
Still we instantly clicked
Right from the start.
We had a passion for writing
And life experiences to share
It was always a comfort
to know you were there.
Harley girl and loading dock queen
We both knew full well
All about shattered dreams.
With you on my side
There was no reason to cry...
We even knew how
We were going to die.
You and I had no plans
to part ways so soon
Our conversations would last
From sun until moon.
I was happy when you found
Someone to love you
He seemed caring and kind
So I cared for him too.
The three of us were friends
and for a while it was great
but the end was something
I would never anticipate.
I lost your friendship
On this month last year
I ended it out of
frustration and fear.
Instead of enjoying Magnetic Fields
I spent the time putting up shields.
The spider spun his web
and committed a crime.
A situation unfamiliar
and unforeseen at the time.
A reaction I hadn't expected
came from you
Vengeance and anger....
I didn't know what to do.
Forced to choose a side
And pinned against the wall
I thought it best to choose
No side at all.
A love destroyed
There was nothing left to say
I lost everyone I loved
after that day.
Bridges burned beyond recognition
I continue to pray
for a remission.
If I had it to do over
And the conflict was new
I would have been a good friend
And stood by you,
I would do my best to convince you
over PG Tips tea
that you should never again lose
your faith in me.
Despite what was said
And all we went through
Just know I could never
stop loving you.
My girl brother, my confidant
I thought I knew you so well...
I'll never forget you
Miss Alyson Hell.

Copyright © Carrie Batcheller, 2024, All rights reserved.