Simple Candle Magick

Candle magick is one of the easiest and most accessible forms of magick. It requires no fancy ingredients, and is fast-acting. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like candles either.... so this is a very enjoyable form of magick. Witches and non-witches alike have used candle magick with great success.

The Basics
To begin with, you obviously need a candle to perform candle magick :) . Your intention is not "carried" into the universe until the candle completely burns down, so a faster burning candle is usually favored. Tapers burn down faster than pillars, and some people even use birthday candles or votives. Still, others prefer the seven-day candles you can often get in ethnic sections of the grocery store and almost any new age shop. They are colored according to the number of days one would burn the candle, and each color or section serves as a guide for when to light and snuff out the candle. As with the seven day candles, the candle you use does not have to burn completely down in one fact, the longer it burns the more you can focus on your intention which will make the magick you're performing more powerful. Burn the candle as much as you can or want to, extinguish the flame, and then light it again when you're ready....and so on, until the candle is completely burned down.

Many Witches believe that blowing out candles causes the energy of the spell to scatter in unwanted areas, or that it may be considered an "insult" to the fire element. In this regard, pinching the flame with wet fingers to snuff, or using a snuffer is best. Still, some Witches believe it is ok to blow out a candle flame as long as you thank the fire element and release it. Decide what you believe regarding extinguishing the flame, and go with it.

Candles can be cleansed before using them in magick.... either by passing through sacred smoke (incense of sage or sweetgrass), sprinkling a mixture of salt and water on it, and then wiping it off, or rolling the candles in fine salt and then making sure no granules remain on the candle.

Color and Dressing
Candle color should correspond with your intention if possible. If the spell is needed urgently and the appropriate color isn't available, natural color, white or black can be used for any intent.

The act of "dressing" a candle means to rub fragrant oils or spices on it. Candles can be dressed with a blend of fragrant oils specific to the intent (made yourself or purchased), an oil you find pleasant, or rolled in herbs or spices. If rolling your candle in herbs or spices, its usually a good idea to rub on some sort of oil (even a carrier, or unscented oil) first and roll it in spices or herbs that have been powdered or ground. If doing this, please make sure to place the candle in a heat-proof vessel in case the oils or spices cause the candle to burn down faster than normal, or the herbs catch on fire.

When you dress a candle, it is generally a good practice to rub toward you for anything you want to draw into your life... and rub away from you when you want something removed or unblocked from your life.

Another helpful practice is to use a pin or other fine sharp object to inscribe your candle. For instance, if you wish to attract money you need to pay bills, you may want to inscribe dollar signs on your candle or the symbol of Jupiter. If you know the specific amount of money you need, inscribe the amount on your candle. You can also, whatever your intent, inscribe your name and/or zodiac symbol on the candle to signify that the candle magick is to be performed for YOU, and that the intent is something YOU want. You can also use any symbolism you know... such as runes or planetary symbols, which correspond with your intent.

You can also surround your candle with objects that mean something to you for your intent. If you are performing healing magick.... place a picture of the person you wish to be healed underneath your candle as it burns. If you wish to attract money...surround the candle with coins or place a dollar bill (that you have also dabbed some of the dressing oil on) underneath your candle. Do as much or as little as you like in order to be able to focus on your intention.

Blessing or Infusing the Candle
Next, you want to bless or infuse the candle with your energy and the intended energy. Simply hold the candle in your hand, and visualize your energy and intent infusing and filling up the candle. If it helps, imagine the candle glowing as you "fill it". Visualize the outcome of the will you feel once your intention is manifested?

Then....light the candle.

Petition to Deity
Your candle magick ritual should include a statement, read by you three times after you light the candle, to let your chosen deity know what you desire. The petition should include your name and a specific want or need. At the end of the petition, you should add that you want your wish or desire to come to you at no harm to others and "for the highest good".

An example of a petition for a new job would be...

"I, Carrie-Ellen, request of the Gods and Goddesses, a job in the financial industry that will be satisfactory to me in all ways, including salary, commute, and schedule, and may it also further enhance my career. May this job come to me at no harm to anyone, and be for the highest good. So mote it be!"

"So mote it be!" is like a Pagan "Amen", and means you are seeing the intent as already having manifested.... it has become reality and is available immediately in the present.

"Gods and Goddesses" or specific Gods and Goddesses, can be replaced by whatever you believe. Some people address their petition to "Jesus and Mary", "Holy Spirit" or "Universe" which works just as well. It's important to mention a deity you actually believe in.

In the case above, I could have mentioned a specific job at a specific company, but that would have closed other doors that may have been available to me. I leave it up to the universe to decide where and what I will be doing.

Again, it is when the candle has completely burned down that the intent will be carried to the universe.

Once you have lit the candle, the candle does the rest of the work. If you are at an altar or other space sacred to you, sit with the candle for as long as you wish and focus on your intent. Visualize the outcome, and your spell succeeding. Then, you can simply, let the candle work its magick.

Colors for Candles
Below are colors that correspond with specific intents for your candle magick:

- Love, sex, passion, energy, courage
- Strength, authority, success, joy
- Clairvoyance, learning, mind strengthening
- Healing, money, prosperity, fertility
- Healing, meditation, tranquility
- Spirituality, wisdom, psychic power
- Protection, peace, purity, truth
- Emotional love, friendships, affection
- Destruction of negative energy
- Intuition, dignity, spiritual shield
-Gentle strength, joy
- Awareness, meditation, moon, creativity
- Prosperity

Days of the Week/Planets
To magnify the power of a particular spell, you may want to perform it on a day that corresponds with your intent:

: The Sun naturaly rules the first day of the week. Any type of God or solar-related magick is especially potent this day. Spells for logic, thought and leadership will have strong results. Other correspondences for Sunday are: Sun Rituals: money, health, friendship related. Colour: Yellow Element: Fire. Number: 6
: The day of the Moon. Any rituals focused on creativity, insight and hidden wisdom are reccommended. This is also a good day to attune with the Goddess and her energies. Other correspondences for Monday are: Moon Rituals: Conceptual, self-inspiration, psychic ability, inspiration, change. Element: Water Colour: White Number: 9
: Named after the God Tiw, this day is perfect for works relating to justice, strength and physical well-being. Other correspondences for Tuesday are: Mars Rituals: Overcoming enmity, developing courage and protection. Element: Fire Colour: Red Number: 5
: The day of Woden, whose name is also pronounced Odin, a Norse God of poetry, resourcefulness and all things mystical. Attune with these energies this day and you find Odin's power will be with you. Other correspondences for Wednesday are: Mercury Rituals: Career Element: Air Colour: Orange Number: 0
: Named after the Norse Thunder God Thor, Thursday is a great time for rituals and magick focused on strength, devotion, and commitment. Other correspondences for Thursday are: Jupiter Rituals: Money, Legal and Religious matters. Element: Earth Colour: Blue Number: 4
: Anything related to love and relationships will have good results when done this day, which is derived from the Goddess Frigg, the Norse patroness of fertility. Other correspondences for Friday are: Venus Rituals: Love, Attraction. Element: Water Colour: Green Number: 7
: Ruled by the Roman God of the harvest and planting. New starts and firmly planting your seeds of intention or good focuses on Saturday. Other correspondences for Saturday are: Saturn Rituals: Disciplining ourselves. Element: Earth Colour: Black and sometimes purple Number: 3