Bathing Spells and Rituals

Bathing Spells:

When you are in crisis, or when everything seems to be going against you: Bathe dailyusing 9 drops of Special Oil #20 in your bath. The 9 drops are to be added to each bath for 9 days. After the bath, anoint the heels of your feet, the palms of your hands, your finger tips, the inside of your wrists, the lobe of your ears, and the crown of your head. Do this daily until the problem has been solved.

To achieve a special purpose, anoint the palms of your hands before going to bed with Special Favors Oil and read Psalm 23. Do this every evening until you have achieved your goal.

To attract good business conditions, anoint the threshold of your business (or your resume, briefcase) with Hindu Grass

Wear Nine Mystery Oil in your bath to keep evil spirits away from you.

Orange blossoms used in your bath attracts the opposite sex.

Nine drops of Power Oil in your bath daily will aid you in your sychic development.

Use ten drops of Rosemary Oil in your bath for protection.

Nine drops of the rue oil in your bath for nine nights to remove a curse or crossing.

--from Perfume Oils, Candles, Seals and Incense, By Aima

Queen of Hungary's Waters

This is reportedly one of the first herbal products marketed--an old gysy recipe said to cure anything. It is very good as a face astringent and as a rinse for dark hair. Take a jar and put lemon balm, chamomile, rosemary, calendula, rose petals, lemon peel, sage, and comfrey in it. Cover it with apple cider and vinegar, and let it "cook" for about three weeks. When you strain the mixture, add rose water and wtch hazel, and some lavender essential oil.

This was a recipe found in a book by Rosemary Gladstar, sent by e-mail to me.

Bathing Spell To Greet the New Year

Salt Scrub

1 c. epsom salt 1 c. sea salt
6 drops of the preferred oil or oils.

1-2 tablespoon of carrier oil, add just enough to make it like a snow cone texture. Mix all up with your hand. If you are going to do only a portion of the body start there if you are going to do all of the body you will need someone to do your back. Wet down with warm water first. Start top of bottom and work your way to the opposite end. Rubbing as you go. when the salt is rubbed in all over then you will stand in the shower for about 2 minutes and let the steam open your pores so the benefit of the oils and salt will penetrate. you can continue to rub in the salt if you would like. Your skin will feel silky smooth. you will fell invigorated all over. In a spa this treatment would cost you $20 to $60.

Change Your Luck Nutmeg Bath

From the book "Everyday Magic" by Dorothy Morrison

Though this bath is said to change luck, what it really does is cleanse the aura of the negativity that draws bad luck. It will also make others more accepting of your ideas, whims, and wants. Use it before employment interviews, important discussions, or before meetings with those you feel may be unresponsive.

Using a coffee filter, place 6 teaspoons of ground nutmeg in the filter cup of the coffee maker. Add one cup of water and let the tea brew. When it is cool, draw a warm bath and add the liquid.

Stay in the tub for ten minutes and totally immerse yourself six to eight times. With each immersion, think or say:

"Change of luck, come to me, As I will, so mote it be!"

Let your body dry naturally.